Always Get an Edge

For everyone who loves the edge pieces, there’s the new brownie pan from The Baker’s Edge.

bakers edge brownie pan

It’s really a simple design, one of those things that makes me wonder why I had never thought of it. The web site lists the following features of the pan:

  • Patented interior edges give each serving at least two chewy edges.
  • Fits standard box mixes – no adjustments necessary.
  • Heavy-gauge cast aluminum construction, with premium non-stick coating.
  • Smooth, round, easy to clean corners.

Sounds good to me. You can purchase $32.50 pan from the web site. Since delivery takes 1–2 weeks, if you want to buy one for your favorite brownie-lover in time for Christmas, you ought to do it right away.

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2 Responses to Always Get an Edge

  1. tammy says:

    mmmmmm……i usually don’t start my day with a hankering for brownies, but now you’ve gone and done it!
    i can always count on you for groovy new gadgets – !!

  2. Debbi says:

    Karl, where on earth do you find this stuff? That is the coolest thing since muffin tops! My sisters would love it!

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