A Slew of New Pictures

Actually, some of the photos are not exactly new, but they’re new on the website, and I like how “slew” rhymes with “new” in the same way that I like how “slough” rhymes with “enough,” so enough already with the lengthy introduction and on to the photos.

Some of the pictures have my kids in them:

Ben At Beach Lucy At Beach Lucy Ben Drop Sand Kids Hold Hands Lucy Sparkler Ben Sparkler

Others feature friends’ kids:

Alma Earl Etienne Olivier

Still others are of a recent wedding:

Beth Relaxing Beth Beth Hair

Looks like they’re all portraits.

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One Response to A Slew of New Pictures

  1. Josh Byers says:

    Those are great pics! I’ve always liked pictures at a beach. I wish we had a real one that was close by. I guess soybeans will have to do…

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