A Few Things I’ve Learned from Ben

Like all proud parents, I love watching as my kids develop into curious, independent creatures. It’s pretty clear to me that the bromide about kids being sponges became a cliché for a good reason.

Recently Ben has been learning more and more from others—pre-school teachers, neighbors, friends—and eagerly bringing home his newly discovered information.

A couple weeks ago, he let me in on the secret of Spiderman’s origins:

“Hey Dad, do you know what? Peter Parker turned into Spiderman when he was bit by a deodorized spider!”

Last night he told me about a new superhero—one that I must admit I’d never heard of before:

“Daddy, Sideboard is a superhero who is half human and half computer.”
“Ah, cool! Do you think his name might be Cyborg?”
“No, it’s Sideboard. I know it because Andrew Henry told me, and he knows a lot of stuff about superheroes.

But it was on the day after his tonsillectomy that Ben surprised me the most:

“Daddy, you’re magical.”
“Aw, thanks, Ben.”
“Not the real kind of magic, like in Narnia, but the magic that’s love.”

Never mind that he was doped up on post-surgery pain killers. I’m going to treasure that moment anyway, for as long as I live.

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