A Few Things I’ve Learned from Ben

Like all proud parents, I love watching as my kids develop into curious, independent creatures. It’s pretty clear to me that the bromide about kids being sponges became a cliché for a good reason.

Recently Ben has been learning more and more from others—pre-school teachers, neighbors, friends—and eagerly bringing home his newly discovered information.

A couple weeks ago, he let me in on the secret of Spiderman’s origins:

“Hey Dad, do you know what? Peter Parker turned into Spiderman when he was bit by a deodorized spider!”

Last night he told me about a new superhero—one that I must admit I’d never heard of before:

“Daddy, Sideboard is a superhero who is half human and half computer.”
“Ah, cool! Do you think his name might be Cyborg?”
“No, it’s Sideboard. I know it because Andrew Henry told me, and he knows a lot of stuff about superheroes.

But it was on the day after his tonsillectomy that Ben surprised me the most:

“Daddy, you’re magical.”
“Aw, thanks, Ben.”
“Not the real kind of magic, like in Narnia, but the magic that’s love.”

Never mind that he was doped up on post-surgery pain killers. I’m going to treasure that moment anyway, for as long as I live.

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10 Responses to A Few Things I’ve Learned from Ben

  1. nicole says:

    Wow. A magical boy. These are my favorite postings, Karl, re-told with such love and not too much schmultz. Love you all…

  2. michelle says:

    How perfectly lovely. Thank you for sharing the memory of that magical moment.

  3. Diane says:

    wow that’s the sweetest story to start my day. my son on painkillers wanted to kill me. maybe you should write a parenting book .. .

  4. Grandpa says:

    Yes, Ben, it’s your turn. Your Mom and Uncle Andrew gave me some of those magical moments, too. Hopefully, you’ll find out someday what “magic” a parent can receive from a kid like you.

  5. Cynthia/Gram says:

    :::sigh::: My eyes get all watery.
    I love that little boy. What a blessed family you are.

  6. Laura Leman says:

    Haven’t checked out your blog for awhile, Karl. So glad to know that Ben’s surgery was successful and is behind him. I hope it produces its desired effect and that Ben will be relieved of ear aches and sore throats. Ben is a lovable, delightful little boy!

  7. Aunt Ginny says:

    Ben is a dear little person. He wrapped himself around my legs last Sunday when he couldn’t find you or his mom at church and with tears in his eyes said ‘Aunt Ginny, have you seen my mom?’ I got to be a superhero for a moment. Peter Parker ain’t go nothin’ on me!
    Oh how smart you are to write these things down. I often encounter notes written years ago by sweet Lizz that make me wax all sentimental.
    All that sweet, sappy stuff aside, Uncle Fred says that bite from a ‘deodorized spider’ explains why Spiderman doesn’t sweat much! (and has a sporty fresh scent)

  8. camille says:

    As Andrew Henry’s mom, I vouch for the “sideboard” thing, but from Ben we have been treasuring “life saver.” That wondrous weapon of choice for all Star Wars fans. A correction of the term prompted a fierce defense of your little one-“It’s Ben’s and he KNOWS!!!”

  9. That’s excellent, Camille! And don’t forget the bad guy who uses one of those life savers: Dark Vader.

  10. Debbi says:

    Can I puke now? Just kidding! I’m just jealous- my kid tells me that I am “just a mom!”

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