What That’s Called

ben at the weddingSara had just sat down with Ben and Lucy. The wedding was about to begin—an informal yet elegant evening ceremony on the beach of Lake Michigan. Ben leaned a bit closer to Sara and pointed out toward the horizon where rippling lake met sunburned sky.

Ben said, “Look at that, Mommy.”
“Yes, I see it.”
“You know what that’s called?”

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5 Responses to What That’s Called

  1. Cynthia/Mom/Gram says:

    … and so is he, so is he.
    I’ve been looking at Ben’s portrait this week, and we both said the same about him. He’s beautiful inside and out.

  2. Karl says:

    Actually, Sara and I were thinking that Ben must have learned that
    word from you. We so appreciate the many influences our kids
    have—grandparents, other relatives, friends. Ben and Lucy are blessed to have such a wonderful community of loving and supportive people.

  3. nicole says:

    Oh my word…

    Hard to breathe when you read something like this.   A breathtaking account in its own right.  Thank you for sharing this.  ALso, he looks so dashing in his seer-sucker suit!

    All my love to you and yours,


  4. Susan Verwys says:

    That boy must have gone to a language-rich preschool!

  5. Karl says:

    Yes, Miss Susan, you’re right. And he had the best teachers in the world!

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