Three Short Short Stories


Yesterday my son, Ben, asked if I would write down some stories in his little book as he told them to me. Here are the three that he came up with—in their raw, unedited form. I think you’ll notice his literary influences right away.

Curious George Went to the Museum

George saw a fire lever. He pulled it right down.

The firemen thought there was a fire, but when they came down, they didn’t see any fire. But they knew that George had pulled the lever, so they put him in prison. He never came out, his owner never found him, and soon the watchman came to let him out.

The End

Mary Poppins’s Ideas

When Mary Poppins came, she was kind of sad because she missed her family

Mary Poppins goes in the picture. Mary Poppins, with Jane and Michael, has very fun in the picture. They went to a little merry-go-round, and then they went to a restaurant, and then—what happened?—they were in the horse race. Then what happened but they were in the Mexican restaurant.

They came out of the picture.

The End

Go fly a kite
Out in the atmosphere.
Let’s go fly a kite.
When you send it up there,
Your heart’s so gared (it’s a French word that means fun).


Pooh was walking over a bumpy sidewalk, and then he felt something hard. It was Piglet!

And then they went to a Mexican restaurant. They loved it very much. Then they went to Pooh’s house.

Then Pooh said, “Piglet, sit in my rocking chair.”

Piglet said, “No thank you. I have to go home and cook dinner. It’s already past my bedtime.”

“Owww!” Piglet was going higher and higher. He was flying like a kite.

The End

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4 Responses to Three Short Short Stories

  1. tracy says:

    aawww…. how we love that precious ben! me, brooke, josh, and our friend shelly just enjoyed ben’s lovely stories.
    happy easter to karlsarabenlucy! we hope you had a special day!
    karl, brooke and josh request that you add them to your email notification list when you update your site.
    much love,
    tracy, brooke, & josh
    Karl says: thanks for the note! I’ve added Brooke and Josh to the list. (took their email addresses off the comment to prevent spammers from harvesting them.)

  2. Cynthia/Mom/Gram says:

    Good heavens, I’m laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes…what a little darling. Keep feeding him all those good sources, Sara and Karl; glad to see there was no Easter bunny in all of that.

  3. anne says:

    Perhaps it’s time you took him to a variety of dining establishments…as clearly, he will be seeking other material.
    gosh, I love that crazy boy.

  4. Debbi says:

    How adorable! You should have him illustrate them too. I think he is obsessed with Mexican food. It must be from all of the cheese and tortillas he ate as a toddler!

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