The Cutter of ‘The Cut’

The premiere episode of The Cut is airing tonight at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. It’s a “Project Runway” type of show—not that I’ve ever seen “Project Runway,” but that’s what I’ve read. Tommy Hilfiger puts 16 fashion designer wannabes through their paces to decide who will get a gig working for the master.

I plan to watch the show, not because I’m a fan of fashion design or Tommy Hilfiger or reality shows or CBS or any of the network’s affiliate stations, but because a friend of mine, Brian Funck, is the show’s editor.

Brian Funck

Previously one half of the 1990s music duo Harrod & Funck, Brian has been in Los Angeles for the past several years, working in the cutting room for a number of documentaries and reality shows, among other projects. “The Cut,” I’m pretty sure, is his first major-network gig.

Since a reality show has no script, the editor becomes, in a sense, the writer of the program, crafting a story out of hours upon hours of raw footage. Or maybe the editor is more like a sculptor, chiseling away at the big block of video until the art (or entertainment) emerges from within.

In any case, it should be fun to see what my media-hopping friend has helped to create.

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