Take a Stanza – Man Listening to Disc

This idea just popped into my head, and I’m going with it. Once a month, I’m going to post a stanza from a favorite poem—just one stanza, though, because I don’t want to run afoul of copyright law if the poem is a recent one. Okay, if the stanzas are really short, I might include two. And if they’re really long, maybe I’ll select just a part of one.

For the inaugural stanza, I’ve chosen a poem by Billy Collins, a great contemporary poet whose plain-spoken style has won him a lot of fans. And because it’s the first time I’m doing this, I’m putting in a bonus stanza for free! I hope Mr. Collins and his publisher don’t mind. Somebody needs to take a stanza; it might as well be me-za. (Ouch!)

from Man Listening to Disc

The music is loud yet so confidential
I cannot help feeling even more
like the center of the universe
than usual as I walk along to a rapid
little version of “The Way You Look Tonight,”

And all I can say to my fellow pedestrians,
to the woman in the white sweater,
the man in the tan raincoat and the heavy glasses,
who mistake themselves for the center of the universe—
all I can say is watch your step

[Buy the book: Sailing Alone Around the Room: New and Selected Poems]

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4 Responses to Take a Stanza – Man Listening to Disc

  1. Jason Harrod says:

    I *love* Phil Collins! My favorite is “Susudio” or the one about the.. oh wait… nevermind.

  2. tracy says:

    I’m glad you’re including poetry in the wonderful world of english rules! good move!

  3. Jason, you are a funny guy! Thanks for posting your clueless comment.
    Tracy, I appreciate the encouragement. Any requests for a particular poet, send them my way.

  4. Cynthia/Mom/Gram says:

    Karl, I LOVE Billy Collins! I’m mesmerized to hear good, interesting 20th century poetry. Seems to me Garrison Keeler actually had him as a guest in the past year. I was born in the wrong era, I guess. And yet – it’s so great to have all the good poets “in the bank” as a 21st century person.
    I also LOVE Jason Harrod’s music – cranking it up as I cruise Tampa’s streets in my Urban Assault Vehicle. Keep it going, Jason. Your generation blesses my life.

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