More Links to More Things

Here’s the latest installment of links for your viewing pleasure. Just so you know, all links go to 100% genuine things. I don’t peddle that artificial stuff.

  • LivePlasma music and movie search - screenshot
    LivePlasma: This site allows you to visually search for movies and music, much like the Visual Thesaurus (see my earlier entry) does for synonyms. It’s great for discovering new musicians or movies that are similar to ones that you already know and enjoy.
  • Baby Name Wizard: Great for expecting parents.
  • Ice Hotel: It can’t be real. It can’t be. But it is.
  • Questions Frequently Asked About TiVo, Answered by Someone Who Loves TiVo Too Much
  • English Cut: Thomas Mahon, bespoke Savile Row tailor, does the blog thing. Although he’s based in London, he’ll fly to New York or Tokyo or any other major city and set you up with a custom suit. If you have the cash. Don’t know “bespoke” means? Neither did I. But now I do.
  • FutureMail: For those of you who check your email a lot, FutureMail lets you send messages to yourself and have them delivered on any date you choose. Nice for reminders, notes, etc.
  • Google Fight: Lots of fun. Pit two words or phrases against each other and see which one gets more Google hits.
  • swedish mafia t-shirtGlarkware – Swedish Mafia T-Shirt: I must have one of these! Hilarious. And their description of the shirt is priceless. Here’s a snippet: They fill their homes with what appear to be pricey electronics but which are, upon closer inspection, merely lightweight props. They’ll map out a criminal job for you, complete with helpful pictograms, but you’ll have to assemble it yourself. (warning: other shirt slogans on this site may not be suitable for sensitive palates)
  • Doing as a full-time job: Mega-blogger Jason Kottke has quit his web design job to devote a full year to his blog. Pretty gutsy. He’s trying to fund it through donations. Go, Jason!
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3 Responses to More Links to More Things

  1. Sarah G says:

    That’s an odd coincidence. My older brother just posted a link to the Baby Name Wizard this morning too!

  2. Cool! The coincidence is actually not so odd, though, when you consider the echo chamber effect of the blogosphere. I’ve already seen the Baby Name Wizard posted on a bunch of other blogs, so I guess I’m just hopping on the bandwagon.

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    Pas encore trouv?

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