Interesting Things – Virtual and Real

A friend recently asked how I find so many cool websites. I’d like to be able to take credit for sniffing them out myself, but almost all of them come from other bloggers who do all the legwork. I just track some of these blogs and keep an eye out for interesting things that they link to. So, here’s my latest installment, gathered from the four corners of the blogosphere.


  • YaGoohoo!gle: search for keywords, and this search engine mod will display Yahoo! results on one side and Google results on the other. Fun little widget.
  • Zoomquilt: click on the link for the Flash file format to view a cool expanding universe. (hat tip: A Whole Lotta Nothing)
  • Acronym Finder: Have you been wondering what those kids are writing in their Instant Messages? Now you can find out. Type in an acronym—ROTFL, TTYL—and the Acronym Finder will spell it out for you.


tape kitchen timer


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2 Responses to Interesting Things – Virtual and Real

  1. Hey Karl…have you seen the “new” Google maps? Now you can have a satellite view of your search results. Scary! And who says big brother isn’t watching us?

  2. Hey Michael, I took a look at the satellite feature yesterday. You’re right — it is kind of scary. I think MapQuest has had this feature for a while, but of course theirs isn’t implemented as elegantly.

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