Home Improvements

Since I finally started chipping away at my list of things left undone, I thought I’d take a look at some other ways to spruce up the house a bit.

My wife had heard about magnetic paint a while ago, but she couldn’t find it at any of the hardware stores she tried—even the big boxes. So, I was geeked to see that Edmund Scientifics is selling Liquid Magic Wall Magnetic Paint, even though it does seem a little pricey. For best results, use more than one coat. [hat tip: Make:Blog]

If you want to stop a draft from sneaking underneath a closed door, the Twin Draft Stopper looks like it will do the trick. It “seals” both sides of the door and moves along with the door when you open it. [hat tip: Kevin Kelly]

projection clockWhile I’m afraid the Hip & Cool Projection Clock is neither hip nor cool, it sure would be nice to have a clock that automatically synchronizes with the U.S. Atomic Clock and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. With the included AC adapter, this clock projects the time in soft-glowing numbers onto wall or ceiling of darkened room.

Here’s one that I don’t think I’ll be buying any time soon: The Electric Shock Game from C. Crane Company. Here’s their description of it, with my emphasis added:

electric shock gameIt’s shocking how much fun you can have with this game of nerves and reflexes. Here’s how it starts: two to four players, each takes a handle, someone presses the white button, and when the music stops and the button goes green, the last one to squeeze their trigger gets a shock of electricity. Sounds like a sinister form of musical chairs … well it is, but it’s also some of the most fun adults can have without going to Vegas. Not recommended for children or anyone with Epilepsy or a pacemaker.

Also not recommended for anyone with a brain.

The Tumi Cliff Three-Way Computer Carrier looks like a beauty. More of an out-of-the-home improvement, but I couldn’t resist putting it in here after seeing that Steve Rubel gave it a nod.

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3 Responses to Home Improvements

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Karl…
    The magnetic paint sounds tre chic, and so does the clock. You mentioned that you didn’t think the clock was hip or cool–is that from experience? It looks great, and the features seem trendy. You got me hooked on the idea of the atomic clock a few years ago, and if this one comes in silver, I’d think about purchasing it. Any thoughts?

  2. Sarah G says:

    A better idea for the clock is to get what we have at home, a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer that also shows the time and syncs with the US atomic clock. It’s useful in three different ways, and as an added bonus, it’s not blue! :) I think Jeff found our thermometer/clock at Target, but I don’t remember how much it cost. We had to get one since Jeff’s dad had one…

  3. Betsy Markum says:

    I can’t believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $18121. Isn’t that crazy!

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