Favorite Music of 2004

Unlike most 2004 music lists, this one isn’t limited to albums that were released during the year. Instead, it’s merely a list of the albums I listened to the most, the tunes that got me through my days, the songs that accompanied me on the bus ride home from work. I wouldn’t even call these the “best” albums of the year—just the ones that hit me the right way at the right time.

Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost
Hem - Rabbit Songs
Mindy Smith - One Moment More
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
Tresspassers William - Different Stars
Teitur - Poetry & Aeroplanes
Ric Hordinski - When I Consider…
Polyphonic Spree - The Beginning Stages of…
Jem - Finally Woken

So that’s it—my very personal, highly subjective top nine list. Why only nine? Because I’m lazy. Tell me your favorites?

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3 Responses to Favorite Music of 2004

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Karl. Let’s just make this a top ten list, shall we? Here’s mine…in order of importance:
    1. The Finn Brothers

  2. Great list, Michael. I probably should have put the Innocence Mission and U2 CDs on my list, too, as they get a lot of play in my iPod. You’ve also given me so good leads; I think I’ll be checking out the Finn Brothers and Daniel Lanois. On a side note, is it just me, or does Rufus Wainwright sound like a cross between Ron Sexsmith and John Lennon?

  3. Hmmm…hadn’t thought of Rufus that way before. I see what you mean. I’m just glad he doesn’t LOOK like a cross between Ron and John

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