English Rules Snubbed at the Bloggies

Grand Rapids, MI

In what is widely considered a stunning fulfillment of expectations, the English Rules blog—along with its companion blogs Photography, Word of the Day, and Writing Guide—did not win any of 2005’s prestigious Bloggies™. In fact, the collection of blogs at englishrules.com was not even nominated for an award.

englishrules.com not a starEarly this morning, site owner and editor Karl Swedberg released a prepared statement (34KB PDF) to the press, denying any hard feelings:

To receive a Bloggy—or is it Bloggie?—is to reach the pinnacle of blog-success, the apex of blog-stardom, the top of the blops. It is, therefore, perfectly reasonable that my blog should be overlooked.

And overlooked, it was. A few of the many categories in which the English Rules blog failed to register a single vote include:

  • Best American Weblog – Weblogs from the United States (Winner: Dooce)
  • Best New Weblog – Weblogs that began during the year 2004 (Winner: Defamer)
  • Best Photography of a Weblog – Photoblogs and other weblogs that regularly feature photography (Winner: Daily Dose of Imagery)
  • Best Meme – A replicating idea that spread about weblogs. [see my definition of meme] (Winner: Flickr)
  • Best-Kept-Secret Weblog – The best underrepresented weblogs (Winner: Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again)

When asked to respond to the news, Karl’s mom, Ginny, said, What? What did you say? Bloggie? What’s that? Never heard of it. Hold on a second, let me turn down the TV… Is that you, Karl?

No further comment was recorded, due to an apparent problem with the phone line.

Tainted Category

Reports of the snubbing come amid charges that one of the Bloggies™ categories is unfairly judged. Critics of the contest contend that the policy of presenting the “Best-Kept-Secret Weblog” award to a site with the most votes rather than the least constitutes an “egregious disregard of logic.” Meanwhile, others are taking a more philosophical view, wondering how the winner of a popularity contest for “best kept secret” can be a well kept secret at all.

Contest officials categorically denied allegations of wrongdoing, while representatives of the 2005 Bloggies™ refused to respond to requests for information about their hand soap preferences.

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6 Responses to English Rules Snubbed at the Bloggies

  1. Steve says:

    Heh…another post of yours that made me LOL. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Jason Harrod says:

    You’re a funny guy, Karl. We’ll get ’em next year.

  3. dean says:

    Karl, I think you have the best blog around and should have won. Maybe because your blog is the only one I know about and read. keep them coming.

  4. michelle says:

    it’s just plain wrong.

  5. Thanks,everyone, for your kind remarks. Please know that although the news dealt me an astonishing blow (to the mid-section, in case you were wondering), I’m back on my feet and stepping up to the plate and bringing it to the table. I’ll continue to serve it over easy as long as I am able. And remember, I have no hard feelings about this. Nope. No ill will or bitter resentment or seething rage either. I’m happy as a can of tomato soup.
    – Karl (“that wacky blogger”)

  6. Aunt Ginny says:

    You are a winner in my book, Karl. You have the prize for MY FAVORITE blog…okay, like Dean, it’s the only blog I look at, but you delight me every time!

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