Art Debut

A young artist has just burst onto the scene with this stunning work of mixed media. The sophisticated blending of natural elements with manufactured confections is suggestive of early Marcel Duchamp, while the STYROFOAM™ base clearly represents a breaking away from 1990s neo-expressionism.


Look carefully and you’ll notice the ironic juxtaposition of artificial color and natural tones, symbolically exposing society’s ambivalence toward the technological. The seemingly haphazard angles belie an underlying geometry of provocation.

Want to weigh in on this masterpiece? Post a comment.

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5 Responses to Art Debut

  1. Cynthia/Mom/Gram says:

    :~) You could write for the New York Times, Karl.
    The artist is certainly talented; was it Ben, or Lucy? Tell him/her to keep at it so you can be supported in your old age…though I wouldn’t retire just yet, buddy.

  2. michelle says:

    and it has a childlike whimsy about it too! ;-)

  3. Dad says:

    Stunning is the word!!!!! The stoic watchfulness of the pods above represent the eternal vigilence of the good sentinals over the vulnerable and innocent white fairies, while the outflung arms behind lead us to know that all humankind is blessed by the peace and grace of God. Who is this new artist?

  4. Aunt Ginny says:

    Very post modern.
    Karl, have you ever considered art criticism as a career path? You’re pretty good at that gobbledeegook!
    Seriously, this is very carefully and artfully composed for a little person. Balance, repetition, variety, texture… the kid has got it goin’ on.

  5. The new artist, as those of you who know him have probably guessed, is my son Ben. He and I and friend Sumanth had a lot of fun setting up the “sculpture” for the photo shoot.

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