22 Ways to Lace a Shoe

While some people are fed up with shoelaces altogether, at least one man, Ian Fieggen, is enamored with them.

Mr. Fieggen has dedicated a website to shoelaces, a site that includes 22 lacing methods. It may seem a bit daffy, but you have to admire the guy’s passion. He’s even meticulous enough to make sure everyone can share the love:

My lacing diagrams are all colour-coded to make it easier to follow where the lace runs. Generally, the grey section is the start of the lacing, whilst the blue end of the lace starts on the left side and the yellow end starts on the right side. The colours were chosen to make it relatively easy even for colour-blind visitors, as blue is darker than yellow.
[visit Ian’s Shoelace Site]

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5 Responses to 22 Ways to Lace a Shoe

  1. Super G says:

    Ok, this person has tooooo much time on his hands!!
    I only wish I had 1/10 of the time this man has to devote to shoe laces!!!

  2. Sean says:

    It might sound silly at first but I only learned to tie my shoes properly a few years ago. There are two ways to make a standard over-under/loop-de-loop knot, one way leads to constantly having to re-tie your laces while the other keeps the knot nice and snug.
    Things you thought you knew…
    I’m left-handed so it’s easiest to explain like this: whichever side you make your loop on, that is the string that goes over the other one on the first part. Compare the two versions of this knot and you’ll see a difference.

  3. StealthKDDazzler says:

    As someone who has been mocked all his life for my “strange” approach to tying shoes, I thank you for this site, which has liberated me from a decades-long inferiority complex.

  4. StealthKDDazzler says:

    By the way, my previous post is great case study of more than one grammatical faux pas, since it mixes first and third person and includes an inappropriate preposition. I await your disquisition at the Writing Guide.

  5. StealthKDDazzler, that’s what this site is all about: boosting readers’ self-esteem. Glad to be of some help to you in that regard.
    As for your grammatical waywardness, you are hereby absolved. Next time just try to hold onto that third-person pronoun until you get to the main clause. The shift there is fine. Which preposition do you find inappropriate? Is it the for that follows mocked? In any case, I think you’re being a bit too hard on yourself. :)

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