Web Site Not So Featured

Well, we thought they would talk about the web site on the channel 13 news program tonight, and the report did show a web page for about four seconds, but the focus of the story was on what Priority Health is doing to drive health care costs down and why generic drugs are such an important part of that.
This afternoon I saw a reporter and a camera operator in our office filming one of the agency’s owners. I hear the local Fox station will be doing a report on its Sunday news program. Then again, they migth decide to feature the architecture of the office and focus on its past as a bank. Who knows.
All of this reminds me of an Entertainment Tonight story about Nicole Tieri (“Scooter Girl”) that aired a few months ago. After American Idol lavished so much attention on her during her New York audition, Entertainment Tonight sent a film crew out to Grand Rapids. They interviewed one of the managers of Four Friends Coffeehouse, because Nicole used to like to go there. But when they showed the manager talking about Nicole, they identified her as Nicole’s “closest friend,” even though the two had only met a handful of times. Funny how these things work.

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