Web Site Featured on TV News

One of the web sites that I helped put together at work is going to be featured on the Channel 13 News (Grand Rapids) HealthBeat segment tonight at 6 o’clock. The report will explain why the site—Priority Health Generic Drugs—is considered “best in class” and describe some of its features.
My small contribution to the site, by the way, was writing some of the content and editing/proofreading it.

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One Response to Web Site Featured on TV News

  1. Dad says:

    This looks like a terrific, easy-to-navigate web site, with some really important information to share. I’m sure it’s sponsored by a health care provider group, but as their costs go down (and profits go up), the consumer’s costs go down, too, as a function of the lower cost of the generic drugs, and that’s a good thing. The $64 question is whether the health care provider’s premiums (or fees) go down in a commensurate way, following the cost savings effected by the consumer’s requesting of generic equivalent drugs.

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