Spring At Last

Ben Smells the Tulips Ah! Spring is here, and Ben is taking some time to smell the tulips. It’s great having kids to remind me to get outside and revel in the warm, soft smells of spring.

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3 Responses to Spring At Last

  1. Aunt Ginny says:

    Hi Karl- Cute picture of your wonderful son! Always great to see your family in action!
    Here’s a website for you: http://www.authentichappiness.org

  2. Karl says:

    Thanks for the note, and the compliment.
    That authentic happiness site is very cool. I like Martin Seligman’s work a lot.

  3. nicoleeeee says:

    What a change from last year–remember how you couldn’t suade him not to PLUCK the tulips from the soil?! What the heck, he was cute even then, and he’s cuter now!

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