Shocking News: Bush and Kerry Both Change Their Minds

Finally, someone in the mainstream (i.e. conservative) media came out and stated the obvious: Bush has done his fair share of flip flopping. Four years ago the Republicans pinned the same flip-flop label on Gore, so I was a little surprised that they would try it again with Kerry, and even more surprised that it seems to have stuck.

The Associated Press article, published by USA Today, notes: “President Bush has his own history of changing his position, from reversals on steel tariffs and “nation-building” to reasons for invading Iraq.” It goes on to list at least 10 positions that Bush has changed—from tariffs to trade and from Homeland Security to Osama bin Laden.

Read the full article, “Both Sides Often Switch Positions.”

Do I think that such evidence will change people’s minds about either Bush or Kerry? Not a chance. Liberals will wave articles like this one in the air like battle flags while conservatives avert their eyes, in search of evidence to support their own views.

Update: In the September 24 edition of The Washington Post, John F. Harris writes “Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets Label”.

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