Popeye Doll

Saturday morning I took the kids to the YMCA so they could jump around and climb on things in the kids’ gym while I tried get a little exercise. While I was lumbering along on the treadmill I glanced up at the closed captioning for a report that was showing on CNN. The first thing I saw was that “Popeye Doll Will Young” was nominated for a British music award. It took me a minute to realize that they were referring to the Pop Idol Will Young. I know it’s really quite dumb, but for some reason it made me laugh and almost sent me reeling off the treadmill. Those things are dangerous if half the foot lands on the conveyer belt and the other half lands on the stationary platform.

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  1. leslie says:

    oh Karl…now that I’ve actually looked in detail around your website, I have yet another thing to distract me from my ever-pressing work at the federal government. Being rather challenged at writing and speaking english correctly (I’m an economist, remember), I especially enjoy the ‘language’ section of the website. I, too, have tried to decipher the closed captions while at the gym on a treadmill, and wondered what person was actually sitting back and writing that stuff in real time. There have been some real doozies (is ‘doozies’ a word?), but at least it gives you something to think about while you run endlessly on a three-foot wide piece of rubber.

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