I’m Against Landmines

I just wanted to be on the record as someone who is against landmines. I know that most people think they’re great, but I’m willing to stand up for what I think is right. That’s why I decided to show this envelope that came in the mail a couple years ago from the Campaign to Ban Landmines:
ban landmine envelope
I have one question, though: How are we going to save all those innocent people who have been killed by landmines? Call me crazy, but I think it might be too late for them.

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One Response to I’m Against Landmines

  1. elena says:

    hi, i read your site b/c i am a huge nicole fan. she let me meet her in a nyc starbucks once after i emailed her and she really impacted my life…she hasn’t responded to any of my emails since she didn’t get back on idol (which i no longer watch w/o her) but on the topic of land mines there is a great article in this month’s scientific american on bio engineering and in it it mentions a type of bacteria that has been modified to produce a red, yellow or green glow depending on the tnt content of the soil and create a bulls eye around land mines. well yeah that was sort of random, hope you enjoy the articles if you read it.

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