God Is a Crutch

This morning my pastor, Jack Roeda, told an anecdote about some graffiti he saw in a bathroom stall. Someone had written:

God is a crutch.

Underneath it, someone else had written:

Yes, and humanity has a broken leg—and then some.

How true.

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3 Responses to God Is a Crutch

  1. Aunt Ginny says:

    You called this section religion- do you mean faith? Hmmm.

  2. Sweetangel says:

    Look I’m not really sure what you went through in your life that has made you turn away from such a loving and forgiving GOD but whatever it was I’m sorry. I only hope and pray that he reveals himself to you in a great way. Remember GOD loves you and Jesus died for you. I’ll be praying for you.

  3. What makes you think that I turned away from God? I’m afraid you misunderstood what my pastor was describing. I wrote “how true” in agreement with the sentiment that people are weak on their own. We’re broken. And we need the support of a “loving and forgiving God.” Thanks, though, for praying for me. I can always use some of that. :)

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