George W. Bush: Miserable Failure?

Seems I’m quite late in discovering that Google has confirmed my suspicions about our current President. Others have noted the Bush – miserable failure connection as far back as December 2003.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Google
  2. In the search field, type: miserable failure
  3. Press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button

A BBC News Story explains how, with a little pluck, some Google, and a whole lot of angry constituents, anything is possible:

The trick is possible because Google searches more than just the contents of web pages—it also counts how often a site is linked to, and with what words. Thus, members of an online community can affect the results of Google searches—called “Google bombing”—by linking their sites to a chosen one.

Update: According to the Urban Legends Reference Pages, the Bush Miserable Failure “Google Bomb” originated in October 2003 at the Old Fashioned Patriot blog.

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6 Responses to George W. Bush: Miserable Failure?

  1. dean says:

    BUSH is going to win the election in 2004. Kerry is still deciding what side of the subject ( on everything ) he is on. He’s for it, now he is against it. He can’t make up his mind.

  2. Karl says:

    Right, Dean. That’s just what the right-wing brainwashers over at Fox News want you to believe. Of course, Bush NEVER changes his mind, right? Before he invaded Iraq, he gave Saddam Hussein a deadline to turn over his phantom weapons of mass destruction [FLIP]. But just the other day in a New York Times interview, when he was talking about North Korea and Iran, he said, “I don’t think you give timelines to dictators [FLOP].” Hmmm.

  3. Jose says:

    There is one thing that we must understand about the republican and democrat conventions that haven’t changed through the years, they are full of feces. What is worse, we, the people of America, tend to included in the daily manu just because they presente it to us with such eloquency, and disregard the fact that it is still what it is originally. So far Jim Kerry have persuade us to believe that he is going to gather effective intelegence before he sends our troops in ‘denger’s way.’ Also, he is blaming the president for the declining economy by compering it with on Bill Clinton’s administration as if it was Bush’s fall that there was a September 11. If that sounds to you like he is the one suposed to be elected, honestly, I believe there is a lot for you to learn about people being full of crap.
    Honestly if Kerry compromises himself to bring our troops within six month after settling himself in office, I would vote for him. So far it seems that he’s been founding his arguments about Bush’s bad leadership primarily on his decission about the war in Iraq. I leader must be part of the solution, which means that the only thing that would qualify him as a leader would be to bring our troops ASAP. Now if he will not compromise himself to such objective I don’t know why I should vote for the senetor.

  4. Haijin Choi says:

    you want to check this out too.

  5. Karl says:

    Haijin, I love that one. Very clever. Thanks for sharing the link.

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