Conflict Lab Wins Apple Design Award

A good friend of mine, Michael VanHouten, just informed me that his tiny, family-run company won the 2004 Apple Design Award in the Best QuickTime Content for Education category.

The company, Conflict Lab, creates multi-player negotation simulations for the educational market. Their first product is a strategy game of sorts: One group of players, the friends of Chris, try to help Chris extricate his sister Amy from the other group, The Elysians, an apocalyptic cult determined to keep Amy in the fold and advance their cause.

Congratulations to Michael and all the folks at Conflict Lab! For their prize, they’ll receive a Power Mac “Dual 2Ghz” G5 computer and a 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. Not too shabby.

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One Response to Conflict Lab Wins Apple Design Award

  1. Please accept me heartiest congratulations! It must be a great honor to receive the award. I wish all the best in your future work!

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