Computer Time Limit

A friend of mine recently challenged me to limit my time on the computer, outside of work, to one hour or less each day. He didn’t think I could do it for a month. So I’ve accepted the challenge, which means that I’ll probably be posting fewer entries on this site and I’ll definitely be reading fewer online magazines and newspapers.

Maybe that’s okay, though. I have a bunch of New Yorkers that have piled up on my nightstand, unread. And it seems the more time I spend online, the less able I am to read anything longer than a feature article.

Every time I post something on the site, Sara asks me how in the world I find the time to do it. I tell her, “When you’re asleep.” And it’s true: I stay up far too late for my health, and when I’m awake at 11 or midnight or one in the morning, I’m usually reading, usually online. Maybe I have a computer addiction.

So my month of self-imposed computer restraint has begun. Wish me luck?

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2 Responses to Computer Time Limit

  1. Jason says:

    good luck, Karl. I hope you can find something good to read that was made out of a tree.

  2. Dad says:

    I’m rooting for you, Karl. Self-denial is always tough, but it holds the promise of self-satisfaction. Besides that, you just might feel generally better if you got 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.

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