A couple people at work tipped me off to a new product that CostCo is selling through its web site: caskets. Priced from $924.99 to $4,699.99, these caskets come in a variety of styles. The names are a little disconcerting—Michael ($1,499.99), Charles ($4,699.99), Mother ($924.99)—but at least they don’t have one with my name on it. For a while longer I can continue laboring under the illusion that I won’t die.

The best thing about these coffins, though, is that they’re in the Hardware & Outdoor Living section of the web site. How is that for unintended irony?

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4 Responses to CoffCo

  1. Jason says:

    funny, I have already named my casket Karl. How Ironic!

  2. Karl says:

    What are you doing, Jason? Working on your carpentry skills in the shed out back? Do you also have a noose with my name on it? A voodoo doll?

  3. Wow…I’m so flattered to know that I have a casket named after me! I can see the ad now; a picture of the casket next to a picture of me with “I Wanna Be Like Mike” inscribed over top. Can’t you just hear the money pouring in?

  4. michelle says:

    Okay, so I just want to know why “Michael” is $1,499.99, Charles is a whopping $4,699.99, and poor ol’ Mother is a measly $924.99? Now does that seem fair?

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