Christmas According to Kids

Just when the Christmas season started to feel like a burden rather than the joy that it should be, my kids came along and restored in me a sense of wonder. Here are a few highlights from this season:

  • Ben’s Number One hit: We wish you were Mary Christmas
  • This song has been getting heavy rotation in Ben’s brain the past few days: O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, your branch is light now, that’s the book for me.
  • Trying to sing himself to sleep tonight, Ben started riffing on the O Christmas tree song, coming up with his own verses:
    Oh Stocking, Oh Stocking, Oh you so are beautiful.
    Oh light, light, light, you are so bright. Oh yes you are.
    Oh Christmas card, Oh Christmas card, I so love you, I so love you.
  • After learning that her dad, not Saint Nicholas, was the one who put candy in her shoes, our friends’ daughter told Ben: There’s no such thing as St. Louis.
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2 Responses to Christmas According to Kids

  1. On a similar theme, Josie has been singing, “Try and go night-night, baby Jesus.”

  2. Dad says:

    I applaud any young fathers (and mothers) who take the time to record the oral history pertaining to their children. Not only does this provide wonderful memories for parents as their memories fade (as they do – take my word for it), but it provides a wonderful resource for the children as they get older, in order to better know themselves and their relationships with their parents. Not only all of that, but these are delightful anecdotes.

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