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Newsweek has just come out with an article all about blogs and their growing influence in the world of ideas. I guess this means blogs are really, truly in the mainstream now. What’s interesting, though, is that two of my coworkers in the past week have asked me what a blog is. And I work at a hip interactive communications agency! So, when I read the article, I tried to see it through the eyes of someone like my mom, someone who isn’t exactly up on the latest tech lingo. (No offense, Mom.) While the writer makes a half-hearted effort to explain some of the concepts discussed in the article, I’m afraid a lot of people are going to read it the way Charlie Brown heard his teacher: “Wha waah wha WAAH WAAH waah.” Granted, there’s a nice definition of blog in the first paragraph:

A Weblog, or blog, is a personal Web site where somebody self-publishes an electronic journal, often linking to other things on the Web that strike the author’s fancy.

But the article fires off so much techno-jargon that the casual, non-geeky reader will probably run for cover before getting to the end of it. Here’s a little list of techie words in the article. Which ones could you define? Which ones are you even familiar with?

  • Weblog
  • blog
  • blogging
  • blogger
  • blogosphere
  • blogspace
  • alpha blogger
  • A-listers
  • cross-link
  • podcast
  • podcasting
  • audio feeds
  • geekdom
  • newbie

Side note: The next time I feel bad about how much time I spend on the internet, I’m going to remember this: All of this takes time: Scoble spends two hours daily writing his Weblog and three more hours reading hundreds of other blogs in search of fresh ideas and nifty software innovations.
[Read the NewsWeek article]

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2 Responses to Blog the Blogging Blog, You Blogger

  1. Dad says:

    Karl, I’m only familiar with the one or two terms to which you’ve introduced me, and I’m pretty sure that you might be the personification of “geekdom”. As for Scoble, I’m not about to criticize his choices, but I do wonder who benefits from them other than himself.

  2. Diane Reckless says:

    i just recently realized that what you are is a blog. or rather, what you do is blog. or what you are doing to us is blogging us . . . or . . . well, that’s one down. another 20 evolving definitions to come. cheers, my favorite geekdom.

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