Ben Given Pseudonym As First Step Toward Rap-Star Career

Last week’s iTunes update included a recording by the rapper Lil Wayne. The name got me wondering: How many other Lil’ Rappers are there out there?

By doing a simple artist search in the iTunes store, I came up with this lil’ list:

  • Lil’ Bow Wow
  • Lil C
  • Lil’ D
  • Lil’ Donte
  • Lil’ Fats
  • Lil Flex
  • Lil’ Flip
  • Lil Hound
  • Lil’ J
  • Lil’ Jon
  • Lil Kano
  • Lil’ Keke
  • Lil’ Kim
  • Lil Mac
  • Lil’ Mo
  • Lil’ Noopie
  • Lil Papa
  • Lil Poison
  • Lil’ Romeo
  • Lil’ Scrappy
  • Lil’ Troy
  • Lil’ Zane
  • Lil’ Zay

Lil' Swede

Soon there will be a new one to add to the list: Lil’ Swede is being groomed to take the rap world by storm.

In a surprising display of street sensibility and hip-hop mentality, Andy “Grampa” DeBoer proposed the Lil’ Swede moniker for the artist commonly known as Ben. Then, to capitalize on the buzz generated by the sobriquet—and to test-market the young rapper’s revolutionary new style—Karl “Big Daddy” Swedberg released Lil’ Swede’s first single in May, 2004 (cf. Ben and Dad Sing “Good Night”).

Fans/parents of Lil’ Swede, who was recently spotted wearing his first Swedish shirt, gave the rising star not only a “shout out” but also “mad props.” Meanwhile, player haters have been put on notice. Whatever that means.

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10 Responses to Ben Given Pseudonym As First Step Toward Rap-Star Career

  1. Dad says:

    Why should Ben’s Dad be surprised by my street sensibility and hip-hop mentality? I just don’t get it.
    Here’s my strategy; Big Daddy releases a bunch of Ben’s stuff, all of which become huge sellers, and then I let Big Daddy know that I’ve got Lil Swede under exclusive contract. Then I watch the royalties roll in and retire to a life of decadent luxury.

  2. Pamela says:

    I am frankly appalled at the way “some” children’s parents will put them out for stardom without considering the life that might tempt them into ruin. I mean, really. Anyway, I look forward to one day being able to say that I knew Lil’ Swede from back in the day when he was just a nobody sweet boy named Ben; my best friend, in fact.

  3. kyra says:

    i need lil romeos email address plz if you iknow it can you email me at

  4. Karl says:

    Sorry, Kyra, I have no idea what lil’ romeo’s email address is. I barely know who lil’ romeo is. Hope you can find it some other way…

  5. Julie says:

    i need lil romeos e-mail address plz if you have it can you e-mail me at thanx

  6. Karl says:

    Dear Julie,
    Please read comment #4. Sad to say, nothing has changed since then.

  7. Kate Courtney says:

    hiya my name is kate courntey i want your babies will you marry me please p.s i love you

  8. Hi Kate,
    If you’re referring to my son, Ben, he’s still too young to marry—even in Arkansas. If you’re still interested in 14 years, feel free to get in touch. Furthermore, Ben has no babies to give you. I have two babies, but I plan to keep them.
    Thank you for your interest.

  9. taya says:

    hey does anybody knows lil’romeo’s address?

  10. Karl says:

    I will say it one last time: Nobody here knows Lil’ Romeo’s address,
    email address, phone number, or any other private information. This web
    site has nothing to do with Lil’ Romeo. Most people who visit this site
    have never even heard of him. So, if you’re trying to get Lil’ Romeo to
    marry or you or have your babies, please, please, please try somewhere
    else. Comments for this entry are now closed.