Phone Numbers

If you’ve ever had to contact customer support at and wanted to do so by phone, you’ve probably run into the same roadblocks that I have. The number is nowhere to be found on the customer support pages.

One intrepid reporter, Timothy Noah of, managed to track it down by calling a corporate number he found on an investor relations page and asking the operator for customer service. Here’s the number he was given: 1-800-201-7575.

A blogger who goes by the handle “Not Martha” took a more conventional route and looked up in the Seattle phone book. Here’s the number she found: 206-266-2992.

Thanks to Timothy and Not Martha, Christmas will be a little bit less frustrating for a whole lot of online shoppers.

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2 Responses to Phone Numbers

  1. Ty in Ohi...o says:

    Karl: I’ve used toll-free info (800-555-1212) to get their customer service number in the past. The experience wouldn’t make much of an article, though.

  2. Ty! Thanks for the comment. Just goes to show that sometimes the old-fashioned way is still the best way.

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