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Smartest Shoe on the Planet

Funny how “nerds” and “jocks” never seem to get along in high school, when in the “real world” they have a surprisingly symbiotic relationship, each group feeding off of the talents of the other. The nerds produce new technologies that give the jocks the edge that will justify their exorbitant salaries, and the jocks use their exorbitant salaries to pay for the latest technologies, thus lining the pockets of the nerds. One clearly nerdy company, VectraSense Technologies, has created a shoe that any professional athlete with a multi-million dollar salary would love–the VectraSense VerbForShoe. This shoe…

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Sites for Sharing

All sorts of social software sites are popping up on the web, trying in various ways to link people up with others who share their interests. Here are a few sites that I think have a lot to offer. And so far they’re all free…

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Fifty More Gmail Accounts

That crazy Google has become very generous with the Gmail accounts. They’ve supplied me with 50 more to give away. If you’d like one, make your request by posting a comment. If you want to know more about Gmail, see my previous article ( or visit Jim Barr’s collection of Gmail tips (


From Windows Sounds to Song

There is a great tradition of visual artists using “found” objects to create new masterpieces, be they sculpture, collage, or mixed media. Musicians, too, have mixed a variety of elements into new compositions–bird songs, environmental noise, elements of other recordings. Now, someone who goes by the name Clown Staples has created a song using only the very basic Sound Recorder that comes pre-installed with Windows and the collection of generic sounds that play when users perform certain actions on their Windows computers. You can watch a Flash animation of Clown playing the tune…

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No More Gmail Accounts to Give

The response to my Gmail account giveaway was more enthusiastic than I had expected. Google refreshed my supply, and I still ran out.
For those of you who are just starting with Gmail, you might want to visit Jim Barr’s collection of Gmail tips…

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GMail Account Giveaway

I still have four GMail accounts available for anyone who would like one. Just request it through the comment form of this entry, and I’ll send you the invite.
If you haven’t heard about it yet, GMail is a cool web-based email program that Google has been beta testing for the past year or so. It gives you a full gigabyte of storage space for all those big file attachments, and it’s free. So far it’s available through invitation only. Here is what they say about that…


Call Free with Skype

Though Skype has been on my radar for quite a while, I haven’t been motivated enough to try it out. But after reading an article on Neville Hobson’s blog about it, I thought I should bite the bullet and give the program a whirl…


Google Labs

Watching the 60 Minutes report on Google the other night reminded me of how much I love the nifty little tools that they keep churning out. Here are a few that I think are particularly cool…


Dead Battery Day

Technology is not my friend today. While taking pictures of a friend’s baby, the battery in my Nikon digital camera ran out. No problem, I thought, I’ll just switch to my 35mm camera while I recharge the digital camera’s battery. But when I tried to turn on the Nikon N80, its batteries were dead, too. I ran to the closet where Sara keeps a huge stash of extra batteries in case one of our kids’ 5,328 toys that require batteries is in need of a new set, put the new batteries in the camera, and attached the flash. Guess what…

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If you’ve ever had to contact customer support at and wanted to do so by phone, you’ve probably run into the same roadblocks that I have. The number is nowhere to be found on the customer support pages.
One intrepid reporter, Timothy Noah of, managed to track it down by calling a corporate number he found on an investor relations page and asking the operator for customer service. Here’s the number he was given…