San Francisco Photos

The most vexing advantage of digital photography is that it allows me to take 400 pictures on a six-day vacation. One day I will be able to sort through all of them. For now, here are a few snapshots of our trip to San Francisco and environs.

cable car Golden Gate Bridge Pacific Ocean View Redwood Tree banana slug Ferns Fawn in Muir Woods Chinatown Sea Lions Fence along the Hillside Tree on the Hill Church at Nicosia Sea Gull at Muir Beach
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2 Responses to San Francisco Photos

  1. Dad says:

    Gorgeous photos, Karl. My personal favorite is the slug….
    Makes me want to get out my 1.4 lens again after all these years.

  2. Funny that you mention your 1.4 lens. I was just thinking that I could use a fast fixed-length lens to complement my zoom, for those times when I want to completely blur out the background or shoot without a flash in low light.
    By the way, I thought you gave your 1.4 lens, along with the Pentax body, to Brooke. Do you have another camera lurking somewhere?

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